Friday, April 29, 2005

News Flash- what a major annoyance

Very recently, I read that the President of the United States Mr Bush announced measures to reduce the United States’ dependence on foreign production.

One of the measures would be to help other major (and growing) consumers like China and India reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

In the shorter term, oil-producing nations will be urged to maximise production to make oil more affordable.

"Millions of American families and small businesses are hurting because of higher gasoline prices."
"My administration is doing everything we can to make gasoline more affordable.”


Image from BBC. Click to view BBC's report.
Did I give you a fright?

Frankly, my opinion of this is that Bush’s measures are absurd.*

1) The US is dependent of petrochemical products. China and India are dependent on petrochemical products. To make oil cost less, the United States is trying to help India and China become less dependent on petrochemical products. That way, the US can continue to have petrochemical orgies at a lower price without having to suffer any change to the way their things work.
2) Another way to reduce prices is to increase supply. The US is urging oil-producing nations to maximise production. This way, the US can continue to indulge in its oil induced stupor at a lower price without having to violate the pristine territories of the Alaskan oil fields.

To round it all off, I would suggest the following measures as an alternative:
1) The US reduces its dependence on fossil fuels.
2) The US starts to FULLY exploit its Alaskan fields.

PS. There used to be a time when I would like to visit the United States. I think that sort of faded away as I became slightly more aware of the world. The general sentiment lately has been, “US foreign policy. Bah!”

* I had initially phrased this sentence as “…Bush’s measures are full of shit.” I had also started with the title “News Flash- What a major piss-off”. However, these would only serve to promote this piece of rambling from a one-sided argument to full fledged white propaganda. That’s interesting…one day I would try black propaganda.

Appended 3.30am 30 April 2005:

In reply to this article, DC made the following remarks via email:

Bravo that. Only after coming to the UK did i begin to appreciate why Dr. M [ex-Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahatir Muhammad] adopted a look east policy some years back. There is always an alternative.

The West is not necessarily the best nor are they always right. We must believe in ourselves (Asians/Africans) and create an alternative platform to measure ourselves against in the world playing field.

The western hegemony over world policy must be contained, particularly American, even if it is just for the sake of check and balance. With the decline of the Bear (Soviet Union/ Russia), hopefully the growing influence of China will change things. How and when nobody knows. Only time will tell.

But as everything that goes up must come down, when the time comes i think it will be very difficult for them to swallow. With that in mind, Commonwealth citizens can apply to vote, which i did. Yes i'm quite kepoh i have been told. So i'm all for the liberal democrats at the moment. And coincidentally their motto is

"The real alternative"

Appended 12.55pm 30 April 2005:

In reply to this article, ob!ique commented:

my two cents, US ought to gas it up its ass. they are just unhappy with OPEC's control in prices in important parts of the globe that's all. aww, too bad they can't be part of it.

Appended 8.00pm 1 May 2005:

In reply to this article, vic remarked:

Now worries people, when I figure out fusion energy, we will all look back at oil like firewood and laugh ourselves silly as to start a war over them. :P