Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I miss the shine of newly buffed fingernails. However, I would not be taking any steps to obtain a polishing kit.

On a more constructive note, the work load associated with my university course is picking up. This being my final year, the number of hours I spend in lectures and tutorials is really vanishingly small. 13 hours a week to be precise, or an average of 2.6 hours per weekday. Unfortunately, a lot work is expected of us outside of these hours. A major proportion of this would be occupied with the final year project, a massive endeavour spanning 2 semesters and 3 ‘holiday’ periods.

Apart from plain vanilla engineering work, I’ve been fiddling with a friend’s public relations work. They mostly revolve around crafting alternate sentences and phrases to smoothen the flow of ideas in speeches and media invitations. A little mundane, but very helpful for the both of us. She gets a few more alternatives to choose from; I get to work on my limited writing skills. Quite a good deal, I must say.

On Sunday, I visited the Melbourne Motor Show with a few friends. Last year’s show was a remarkable eye opener- with many exotic models and concepts such as the Porsche Carrera GT, Audi LeMans, Pagani Zonda, Noble M12 & Lotus Exige. In contrast, this year’s fiasco was exceedingly disappointing. The only exhibits of any real interest were the BMW M5 and Ferrari 430. Even the freebies by exhibitors had decreased substantially. Mercedes and Holden were the only ones generous enough to give show goers posters. I was hoping for a Toyota calendar; the 2004 calendar had been useful, and it looks good too. Nope, neither calendars nor posters from anyone. It was depressing. This dearth of activity might be attributed to the Geneva Motor Show, which was running at the same time. Who cares about Melbourne?

On a more positive note, entrants were given a slab of Lindt chocolate that would have cost about $3 or $4 in the marketplace. Not too bad a rebate for a $12 ticket. Until you realise that the expiry month is March 05. I ate it anyway, and din't really liked the flavour (crunchy caramel). Plain dark or milk chocolate would have been infinitely better.

Someday, I hope to visit the Geneva Motor Show.

Finally, a big thank you to David and Ob!ique for the parcel.