Monday, March 28, 2005

My dull little holiday

Its 2.45am on Monday, and I don’t really feel productive. At the moment, I’m fiddling with an analysis of cooling towers. It’s not too fun, although a cooling tower is a particularly nifty set up.

It’s the Easter break now, as is probably the case in many predominantly Christian states. 10 days to catch up on lectures, assignments and life. A few friends invited me along for an overnight holiday in the Grampians, one of the many national parks in the state. While the prospect of a little trip was rather attractive, this was offset by the need to get some work done, and the unfortunate fact that it will involve a sum of money.

After vacillating for some hours between the choice to go or not to go, I finally decided to opt out of it. At the glacial rate which I get work done, not taking 2 days off from a 10 day working holiday will hopefully improve my chances of getting some real work done.

My housemate will be going for a party of sorts later today, and will be bringing strawberries dipped in chocolate. We’re preparing some for ourselves too. If successful, you’ll read more on it. If it turns out to be a horrible screw-up, then nothing will be mentioned of it.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been attempting to learn the 6th Dan taekwando pattern from a book. Already having known the first 4, I skipped 5 as it involved too many unfamiliar moves to understand from a book. The 6th, however, is easier to comprehend as it consists mainly of simple moves in difficult combinations.

Here’s a little exercise if you’re interested:
Describe, in a maximum of 3 sentences, an unpleasant/horrid person. Attempt to strike a balance between vividness of detail and amount of facts/points.
Don't cheat by using sentences as long as paragraphs.