Friday, April 01, 2005

Painkillers, kill Tery

The comment box of my previous post was unceremoniously violated with a long and repetitive comment full of links announcing “cheap Tramadol” “buy cheap Tramadol” “buy Tramadol online”. It was deleted as soon as I read the email notification.

Tramadol happens to be an analgesic (a pain relieving drug). I wish upon the author of the offensive comment (Tery) “a life of eternal migraines with no access to analgesics”. And maybe have a pony or two galloping on his/her skull for added effect.

Piqued by this annoying bit of spam, I did some research on analgesics.

In the event that a pony accidentally steps on your skull, cells in the damaged tissue take steps to make repairs. Among the many steps, prostagladins are produced from the enzyme cyclooxygenase 2. Due to the presence of prostagladins, a strong pain signal is sent from the damaged tissue (in this case, the scalp) through the spinal cord to the brain. (Hoffman)

Upon consumption of aspirin (or its relatives such as salicylic acid), it is dissolved and absorbed in the digestive tract and spread throughout the body via the cardiovascular system. Aspirin then binds to cyclooxygenase 2, wherever it may be found, from the scalp to the fingers to the penis(es). With aspirin stuck to the cyclooxygenase 2 molecule, it cannot be converted to prostagladins, and without prostalgladins, pain signals being sent will be weaker, and brain will perceived a less intense pain. (Hoffman)

In contrast, morphine (and its cousins like morphine sulphate) prevent perception of pain by suppressing the pain signals at the spinal cord and brain. (University of Maryland Medical Center)

In both cases, the source of the pain is not eliminated (the pony is still prancing on your skull!), but the sensation of pain is temperorily suppressed.

As an analogy, if a country is facing a coup, some citizens might try to flee the country. Horror stories and dirty secrets might be revealed to the world (enemy states), so its best if these people are contained. If we contaminate petrol supply with sugar, they cannot use petrol to top up their cars to leave the country. This is the “Aspirin Method”. Alternatively, the “Morphine Path” would suggest we set up stringent border checks to block their passage.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the annoying spammer Tery for leading me on this enlightening path. I also wish him a happy life, full of migraines but no analgesics.

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