Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good grief, I am getting fat!

No more walking to work/ camera mall/ wet market/ supermarket/ train station/ dinner, a well stocked fridge at home, lots of Milo at work1 and easily accessible good food are contributing factors to this worryingly tightening waistline. Which is bad, because new pants cost money.

I need more physical activity than what my weekly 2 hours of prancing-about at taekwondo offers.


Over the weekend, I dropped by in Singapore (again). I've visited more malls in Singapore than I have in Malaysia and China combined2. As a naïve and impressionable person, I was thoroughly in awe of the variety atriums I saw. Most memorable were the 6-storey high and irregularly shaped atrium at Raffles City topped by a seemingly open-air retail space at the top level, and the squarish triple-height atrium at Marina Square was beautifully lit with numerous white coloured deep concrete beams spanning the space diffusing direct sunlight that came in through the glass roof.

On Saturday, we had brunch with 2 of my mother’s schoolday friends, and dinner with my godsister and aunt's family. As is typical for dinners at this aunt's place, it was mind blowing- this uncle is really, really into cooking. Starter was a course of carbonara linguine, followed by a salad with feta cheese and chorizo. This was then followed by a break from eating, after which was the main course. Baked cod fillet wrapped with a thin slice of bacon, served with a dollop of wasabi-tinged mashed potato and portobello mushrooms. Another short break later, we had dessert consisting of D24 durian, jam tarts and cup cakes. The entire process was lubricated with 2 bottles of white wine and talk about food.

Mind blowing indeed.

1 I might be over exploiting the free beverages at work. I typically make a very potent cup of Neslo consisting of 4 heaped teaspoons of Milo, 1.5 heaped teaspoons of instant coffee and 1.5 heaped teaspoons of creamer.
2 Likely because most spots of interest are located in, or need to be accessed via an MRT station under a mall of some sorts.