Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The previous post was not my doing.


I've been home for a month already, and it's been an awesome month. Went for granddad's 90th birthday, restarted taewkwondo training, stayed overnight at a penthouse in the middle of KL, good food on a daily basis, getting to see the gf on a weekly basis, resuming use of my 6-year old notebook (my 17-inch Dell notebook is coming tomorrow)...

It's good to be home for this little spell before I make another move.

From his visit honeymoon to Cameron Highlands, Hou bought 6kg of strawberries for RM 80. Slightly bruised in transit, mom decided to cook them to turn them into a jam-like gloop.

To make the best use of this decadent juice/jam intermediate substance, I made a vat of yoghurt and here is it: