Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hong Kong

Hong Kong was great!

Before I get to the real content, I will note here for archival purposes that Jean and myself are mightily pleased with ourselves for a very accurately forecasted budget.

Before our trip, we had predicted a total expenditure of 6343 HKD (2899 MYR) inclusive of air tickets and transport to airports. At the end, we found that we had spent 6391 HKD, merely 0.76% more than the forecasted amount. *proud*


Lai King MTR Station

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The Lai King station has an attractive red/ black colour theme, nice for a few portraits.

Each station has a distinc colour theme to help distinguish the stops. For example, Tsim Sa Tsui is dark grey, Lai King is red, Kowloon is white and Tsing Yi is pale green. Helpful if you know your stop's colour, hence not requiring commuters to crane their necks to find the station signs.

Nathan Road is a busy 4 lane road lined with retail and commercial buildings. When the traffic lights turn green to release a cluster of large double-decker buses roaring down the narrow lanes, it can be quite a scene. The road is quite narrow, the pedestrian walkway is built right up next to the road (sometimes without the reassurance of guard rails), and tall shop fronts on both sides close in the scene. It feels like watching the wave from an uncorked dam gushing down a narrow pipe.

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