Friday, May 15, 2009

Hong Kong, part 3

Here's something a bit more pleasant to contrast the previous entry.

Mongkok, Kowloon

We met my uncle, granduncle and their families for a fantastic dinner in New Territories. The granduncle purchased about 7kg of live seafood from the seafood market nearby, and brought it to the restaurant to be served.

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Clockwise from bottom left, roast goose, snails, clams, kangkung, bamboo mussels, and lobster noodles. Steamed fish in the middle. The lady on the far side is Michelle, who inadvertently provoked an analysis of conservative functions on the family tree.

Ok lunch break is over, back to work.

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Anonymous Juinn said...

You uneducated, hairless monkey! Their called escargot not snails when you're eating 'em!

4:57 pm, May 15, 2009  
Blogger Tan Yee Wei said...

Very well, I shall be more cultured.

5:39 pm, May 18, 2009  
Blogger k.t.x said...

so, did u manage to brush up on yr canto with em? lol. i love these hk canto slangs and it never fails to intrigue btw, i hv never really had a proper sit down dinner/meal in HK...not enough quorum i think.....

7:50 am, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Tan Yee Wei said...

A bit, though my cantonese had always resided in the gutter. The HK accent has got delightful inflections and drawls that we don't get in malaysia. It's cute heh.

Is there much difference between the proper sit down dinners in HK and SZ?

10:29 am, May 19, 2009  

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