Friday, May 15, 2009

China is a great place to live in

Excerpts from a chat:

I'm convinced the Chinese government grew up eating shit.

We have an additional electrical control box to send to Australia. It’s going to be quite a hassle because the customs/capital control does not allow goods to go out without an invoice.

Same goes for funds moving in/out. Need to reconcile to import/export documents etc., and if the client sends the money early, it sits in the bank account. You cannot access it until the payment time as stipulated on the invoice/contract.
So if your purchase order says "payment of 50k on June 15 2009", and the overseas client pays in February (a fantasy, but it happens), you cannot touch the money until June 15.

The logistics lady just said since it’s a replacement box we don’t have to reconcile to invoices. But customs can only let it out AFTER the existing broken one is back in the country. Even if the broken one is broken beyond repair, unsalvageable, a total write off.

Shit for brains. MCH.

Oh, and my post title is a lie.