Friday, August 01, 2008

01/08/08 partial solar eclipse over Tianjin

Today, a total solar eclipse was visible for observers along a long, narrow region in the northern latitudes. A partial eclipse, however, was visible from a much larger area. [view affected areas]

Populations in the Greenland, the entire of Europe, most of the Middle East, the entire Indian subcontinent, most of Russia and China except for the eastern-most coasts could observe at least a partial blotting of the sun.

At Tianjin, the eclipse spectacle appeared to be a no-show due to cloud cover. However, just a few minutes prior to sunset the sun revealed itself from behind the clouds.

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The eclipse was not obvious due to the brightness of the sun; it would not be wise to stare at the sun with the naked eye. However, brief glances with a skimming motion could reveal that the light source was not symmetrical.

By using the lowest sensitivity setting on a camera and short exposure times, it was possible to verify that something had taken a bite out of the sun.

Solar Eclipse

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ISO 100, f/16 and various exposure times

As the earth continued to rotate, the sun hid behind more clouds, and the show was over.

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