Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Eat Sleep Shit Week (day 7)

The Eat-Sleep-Shit Week is a movement by Jolene Lai to relive the hey-days of blogging, to recover the ability or inclination to spew endless sentences about anything and everything.

"The rules are that you must type everything that happened to you in the past 24 hours and you can add any tid bits from the previous days."- Jolene Lai

This partial-entry was written early last week and was forgotten when more pressing matters came about.


Saturday, 26th April 2008:

Arriving home at 5am on Saturday after a 20-hour journey, I bummed around and foraged for food (there were freshly baked cake on the counter – mom couldn't sleep so she made something – and ice cream in the freezer).

I slept at 6.30 am (after eating, taking a thorough shower, fiddling with my brother latest toy – a Canon 20D), and was forcibly roused with pitchforks and tasers at 9 am. There were important things to do: we were going to start the house-moving.

Apparently, moving house is not as simple as pack, load, unload and unpack. There's also this little ceremony to yup fo (bring in the fire). Grandmother did some prayers, and a charcoal stove (the kind used to cook back in the old old days) was prepared in a wooden rack. Then the stove (with the flaming charcoal) was carried from the front porch into the kitchen.

And then there was this odd thing of rolling 2 pineapples in via front door, I think symbolising the coming of prosperity.
An aunt remarked to me, “Wei, see even when you are moving house there are so many rituals. When you get married there'd be more.”
Then her sister joined the fray, “Yes, we'll have to roll your wife into the house.”
“Yes. If she's fat then it'd be easier to roll.”

With the aunts hanging around chatting and eating (we had a pot-luck lunch), we hung around until late afternoon.