Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fire test photographs

Due to the presence of some interesting photographs, I’ll spare you another endless discussion about the mathematics behind options-based hedging.

Today, work (or rather, development at work) brought me to a fire test and training facility where we observed several fires, including a 2m wide pool of heptane (C7H16) fire.

A fascinating one was a room burn, where a stack of wood stick were arranged neatly to optimise combustion. The small room was a 4m × 5 m × 3 m room with only the door as the opening. With a large fire going on in the room and so little ventilation, a portion of the vaporised wood remained unburned and vented out through the door. Once out of the oxygen-depleted environment of the room, the hot fuel vapours immediately oxidised, resulting in flames projecting out of the doorway.

Fire Test

Click here for large size image

Enough about work.