Thursday, November 08, 2007

The day started out an ordinary day: I woke up late, skipped breakfast and brisk-walked to work without coffee.

Work, as usual, was work.

As I was leaving the office, I read a text message from a little cousin of mine:
"I was offered n % of my company to become a partner."

The day immediately became better. A smile cracked across my face. Passers-by might have thought my daughter had just been awarded with a PhD in mathematical physics, but this is better- my cousin was offered a partnership.

This cousin of mine treated me to a gelato for my birthday. Asked me to buy myself a gelato, she’d pay me back later. "Get 3 scoops," she insisted, "then try not to shit on that day."
"So my gelato no need to come out so fast. Hahahaha."

I know she will not take the partnership offer; she has grand plans to see more of the world before getting well and truly bogged down by work. Still, it’s not a matter of being a partner or not, it’s the fact that her talents have been acknowledged.

In celebration of this recognition, a dinner in Hong Kong on my behalf is in order.

Congratulations, little cousin. *raises wine glass bowl of mango sago*