Thursday, March 01, 2007


Within the great zeppelin, its main dining hall was quiet. The lunch rush was over, and those still sitting around were simply enjoying the scenery or talking in muted tones. From high above, a gentle throbbing of propellers reminded travellers that they were not motionless, despite the apparently static columns of clouds outside the floor-to-ceiling windows.

At an isolated end of the starboard flor-to-ceilingwindow, a figure hunched over the glass engrossed with the view through his camera. Nearer the centre isle, a long-haired lady tapped on her computer, words flowing from her fingertips to her blog.

Finished with his imaging, the photographer packed his optical instruments and headed towards his cabin. As he walked past the blogger, he drew to an abrupt stop. She looked up at him, their eyes locked for a femto-second.

“OMG, is it really you Obs?” he exclaimed in delight.
Yee Wei! This is the last place I would imagine meeting you,” she replied, surprised to see a familiar face, “And hush, I’m now known as Politikus.”
“Politikus? Nice. And I call myself Lao Chen for partial anonymity. So, you are on holiday or something?”
“I’m going to the Muse concert!”

He sat down; she pushed the computer aside. It had been years since they last met.

The hours pass, and it was time to attend to other matters. She had yet to complete her post and he had photos to edit.

“I’ll see you at dinner, then,” Lao Chen bade his farewell.
“Wait, I’ve got something interesting here for you,” she stopped him, her hand fumbling about in interior of a large bag.

“Here, take this.”


List six weird facts about yourself and then tag another six to do the same. Let them know in their blogs as well as after completing the meme.

1. At work, I mostly make notes and jottings using red pens. Reds give a bit more bang over dull blue or insignificant black.

2. I have far too many red t-shirts.

3. I recently did a load of dark coloured clothes, and it turns out that the pile consisted of 3 black trousers, 4 red t-shirts, a black t-shirt and some black socks.

4. To further coordinate the colours of my laundry, I put in some light coloured items- two pink coloured t-shirts.

5. When I hung them up, they looked rather cute. So I took a few photographs of the absurdity.


The last six people who commented on this blog will be burdened with this little meme:
Albert Ng
Tan Yee Wei (this is not me; SHE has the exact same name as mine)
Tan Yee Hou
Ah Pek

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