Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Updates - Beijing; Nokia 6510; Mother Goose Suite for piano duet

My family and relatives are going to Beijing at the end of the year. Twenty of them. I’d love to bring that number up to twenty-one.

To do that, I need to raise money for the air ticket and accommodation. This means I need to get a full-time, professional job A(F)SAP.

As a further incentive (apart from the trivially obvious merry-making with the cousins), May has promised that if I go, she will hand over her Nokia 6510 for a long term loan. I demand only three functions from a mobile phone- calls, text messages, alarm clock. This little thing from half a decade ago has the advantages of being aesthetically pleasant and having Snake 2 installed.

Who cares about colour displays, funny ring-tones and horrible little cameras?


And here is something from Monday’s concert at the music faculty. Due to the inherently short attention span of the internet-generation, only the highest energy portions have been posted.

Mother Goose Suite for piano duet by Ravel, performed by Bonnie Brown and Stefan Cassomenos (excerpts).

Watch those pedals!

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