Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Some questionnaire or other...

Sonia shoved this questionnaire at me when I was away, without any chance of protest.

Total volume of music files on my computer/ Handphone:
6.99 Gb in 1991 files on hard disc.

The last CD/ringtone I downloaded/bought:
I haven’t paid money for music in a long while.
I am perfectly happy with the standard ring-ring tone.

Song/ringtone playing right now:
I Don’t Care At All, by Vanilla Ninja. Go download buy their album, Blue Tattoo.

Five songs albums/ringtones i listen to a lot/ringtones that I use a lot on this phone:
Penny Dai- So Penny
Vanilla Ninja- Blue Tattoo
FIR- I Wanna Fly
Isabelle Boulay- Au moment d'etre à nous
Sarah Brightman- La Luna

I'm not going to push this on further. The trail stops here.