Saturday, July 02, 2005

I am slightly miffed

During my summer holidays, I actually had enough time on my hands that I actively searched for alternative reading materials. In particular, I offered to proofread my friends’ assignments and essays. Over that period, I saw some interesting papers such as IR Postgraduate’s political science essays (refer to the sidebar, “Current fetishes”), Yuan Harng’s classical physics essay about the aerodynamics of a baseball, an advertising internship report and various press releases for a public relations intern. Eye-openers, all of them.

On Wednesday, as I groggily stumbled into my mailbox, I found a new message with the subject line “Proofread please!!!!” Yes, four exclamation marks. Four.


I had initially set out to bitch and complain about this particular person. However, in writing this, I saw that there was little point in doing so. While trying to sort out my ideas and arrange them into a semi-logical form, it dawned on me that the matter at hand is actually rather trivial. Publishing it would only serve to bore the patient reader.


I was slightly miffed.