Monday, March 19, 2007

Edited 0015 21 March 07:
In response to the first comment, credit has been given where due and deserving.

Sunday, 1.25 p.m.

“You know about the wedding right?” I asked my aunt.
“Yes, so are you going?” she asked.
“Highly unlikely, I’ve got no money and no leave,” I replied, quoting my usual excuse.
“Yeah, that’s what working life is like.”
“Not fun…”

“The atmosphere will be nice; everyone will be around,” I remarked.
“I’m actually quite tempted to go. I’ll ask my sister and see if she is interested. If she goes then I’ll go. There are no holidays but I guess I can take a few days leave…” my aunt remarked.
I suddenly perk up, “Really? Eh, if you decide to go, do tell me. I’ll fly home too.”

We move on to talk about other things, like how her parents are doing and what her kids have been up to.

“I better go now, the F1 race is starting soon.”
“Ok, bye. Thanks for calling.”
“Remember, if you decide to go, tell me!”


At work, I email May about my thoughts. "Yes!" was her concise response. I ask her for help checking air ticket prices from Malaysia, she agreed despite her heavy work load. Will do it even if it kills her; not for me, but to make me feel guilty.

I check the amount of leave I have accumulated, and find that I might have just enough to take a week off. Else, I’ll just take a day of unpaid leave.

The travel agent says a 5-week return ticket costs $880. Which I can afford!

This is getting interesting…